TCL: The Best 4K TV Under $1000 Now In Canada

If you haven’t yet heard of TCL, get ready. TCL is the latest tech company out of China that is making a big splash across North America for their affordable 4K televisions. After a year or two south of the border, the brand has entered the Canadian market. The company boasts that it offers up the best 4K TV for a lot less than its competitors. But do their televisions live up to the promise? We checked one out. Well once we could get our hands on one, the moment they hit the market, they sold out almost instantly…. so let’s see what all the hype is about.

TCL offers up two models of 4K televisions: the 4 series (more affordable but still great quality) and the 6 series. Both come in 55″ and 65″ sizes. For this particular review, we checked out the higher end 6 series for our readers. It includes a 4K display with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR 10. The 6 series also features some the best contrast levels on the market with 96 or 120 ‘Contrast Control Zones’ depending on the size of the set. Plus, Wide Colour performance with TCL’s NBP Photon technology produces a vibrant, rich colour palette. This means you get a better overall picture quality. You will quickly notice a difference once you turn on the set, everything looks more real than real.

Design wise, the TV also sports a modern look with a brushed metal design that the company calls “Stealth Metal.” It has small bezels and feet at both ends instead of in the middle. Inside is a built-in TV antenna tuner so users don’t have to hook up any other hardware to get the over-the-air channels in their area. The 6 series looks slick and modern with an industrial edge. The frame isn’t as skinny as some televisions on the market but we didn’t mind it.
If you are a streaming television fan, and who isn’t these days, all of TCL’s 4K TVs come with Roku built in. If you are not familiar with the Roku operating system that gives users access to hundreds of apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and many more. Recently, the brand even added in its own free ‘channel’ that pulls together tons of free shows and movies.
The 6 series was easy to set up and navigate thanks to an easy-to-use voice controlled remote. Further, we loved that you can download the TCL app to your smartphone to control your TV. The added benefit? You can plug in your earphones to your phone and listen to your favourite TV show without disturbing anyone else in the house.
Here’s the kicker. Nothing beats the TCL in the 4K TV market for quality combined with price. It offers much the same features and quality as the ‘higher’ priced brands in the same category. Price wise, the 6 series comes in a 55-inch model that starts at $849 CAD (which is currently out of stock but we are assured will be replenished) and the larger 65-inch set costs $1,249.



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