Step Up The Cool Quotient In Your Interiors: Jellyfish Tank

Step Up The Cool Quotient In Your Interiors: Jellyfish

One of the keys to great interior design is to always add an element or two of the unexpected. And this product definitely lives up to that mantra – how many homes are you entered that have jellyfish? Sure we have all been to great bachelor pads with great fish tanks but those giant tanks only seem to make sense in the apartments of villains in movies. Or back in the 90s. There is something more modern and, dare we say, a bit cooler about this jellyfish tank.

The high-tech glass aquarium is made to house jellyfish and comes with a continuous-filtration system that keeps them alive (which is hidden within a sleek all white podium). The shape is slick and modern yet harkens back to Elizabethan times with its bell shape. This is some cool shit. The two designers behind the site Darwin Sect created the aptly named Darwin Tank.

But where do you get a jellyfish? Well this tank comes with one jellyfish complimentary with purchase. Just be warned, something this cool will set you back €1490 or $2,276 Canadian using the current currency exchange rate.

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