This Is Why You Need A P.F. Candle

If you’re like us, and we think you are, there have been moments in the past where you pressed play on Luther or Sade, dimmed the lights, lit a candle and waited for your SO to arrive. We feel you. But if you’re also like us, you’ve also felt that the, umm, ambience of those evenings could be kicked up a notch.

It’s why we’re stashing our long-time lavender and lemongrass scented faves at the back of the cupboard and lighting up P. F. Candles Co.’s soy candles, instead. The Teakwood & Tobacco and the Sandalwood Rose ones to be exact.

Like all of the brand’s Classic Soy Candles, these two sensual-smelling options are home-grown and homemade in the city of angels by wife-and-husband team Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger, who clearly know something about romance considering they live and work together and are still married. As for the candles, they’re equally remarkable.

For starters, they’re hand poured into sleek and sexy looking, apothecary-inspired amber jars, which, quite frankly, is so understatedly chic they match everything. Second, they’ll burn all night long if you want them to…and the next day and the next day and, well, let’s just say you’ve got about 40 hours so make the most of it. And then of course, there’s the fragrance.

Teak & Tobacco, a.k.a: the boyfriend scent, has a sultry, spiced and warm presence courtesy of it’s blend of orange, leather, tobacco, amber, musk, black tea, black pepper, sandalwood, teak, cedarwood and patchouli notes. Sandalwood Rose, on the other hand, is an intimate, sumptuous and earthy mixture of violet leaf, marine, patchouli, iris, cashmere rose, sandalwood, amber, oud, labdanum and musk. Both work their magic effectively, filling the room with an easy, comfortable sensuality that’s just right and never overwhelming and will give you good reason to put your CFM playlist on repeat.

P. F. Candles Co.’s Classic Soy Candles in Teakwood & Tobacco and Sandalwood Rose, US $18 for 7.2 oz, available online at

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