Lock’em Or Leave’em: Our Predictions For NFL Week 9

Above: Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 27, 2013

With a few NFL teams full of banged up players, and others full of brawn, most have to play in the next few days, injured or not. Whatever the case, our on-staff NFL analyst and sports bettor Jeff Bjarnarson presents three teams to lock down, and three games to leave alone in NFL’s Week 9 of the 2013 Season.


Steeltown heads to Foxborough to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Now, while the Pats haven’t been looking like the Pats, The Steelers haven’t been looking like a football team at all, going just 2-5 so far this year. Look for a New England offence full of weapons to send Pittsburgh packing. (Tip: We also really like the UNDER on this one, and we think you should too).

Want to know how I know it’s Halloween? Because AmongMen is taking the RAIDERS as a LOCK! Spooky, right?? Here’s why: Oakland has shown some life at home… Philly can’t seem to back a starting quarterback… and did anyone see Pryor with a 93 yard TD last week?! All this, and more is why AmongMen is taking the Raiders at home!

After Monday’s performance against the Rams, it’s hard to put a Lock on the Seahawks, but here we are; Seattle is 7-1 while the Buc’s remain winless, not to mention the struggling offensive AND defensive struggles on the Tampa Bay side. On Sunday, look for the Seahawks to go Beast mode against the flat-lined Buccaneer’s.


The Saints come marching into NYJet City with a 6-1 record, looking to go old school on a new QB, Geno Smith. I know you’re asking, how is this a Leave and not a Lock?! The Jets are finicky, taking down teams like the Patriots and the Falcons, but losing to the no-shows, like Steelers and Titans. My heart tells me the Saints will leave with the W, but my wallet tells me to keep away.

Last week, the new Alex Smith / Andy Reid combo looked weak against… Cleveland?! Can the Chiefs go 9-0? Seems Kansas City has a tough time in Buffalo (0-5), so AmongMen is telling you to stay away from this game!

Finally, be careful with the AFC Division battle on Sunday afternoon, between Cleveland and Baltimore. This Ravens team does not look like the team who won the Superbowl last year. Then again, last year’s Ravens team didn’t look like Superbowl contenders, so who’s to say they’re not a consistent best-kept-secret. At any rate, both teams are in a losing slump, Flacco has 8 TD’s AND 8 interceptions under his belt, while Cleveland has shown value in the underdog spot. Bettors, this game is about as 50/50 as you can go. Got a coin? Toss it, cause that’s exactly what is happening in Brown’s territory this weekend.

Got a lock? Leave it in the comments below. Totally against our predictions? We’d love to hear from you! May you be among Winners this weekend!

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