We Tried It: Vice’s Pure Glove

We Tried it: VICE’s Pure Glove

Product: Vice Golf’s Pure Glove
Price: €19.99 or €15.99 each when you purchase three.
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Available: vicegolf.com

Sure, a slip free club connection is all you really need in a golf glove but if you can find formidable function in a sexy form factor then why not indulge?

Pure glove is made from soft and supple Cabretta leather that feels as fine as it looks in clean arctic white dressed up with slick triangular stitch work, a grey cuff for contrast, and a splash of silver emblazoned with a maxim to live by: “do it with passion or not at all.” Throw in a sliding price scale that gets cheaper the more you buy and you’ll be gloving Vice’s foray into golfers’ back pockets.

Vice has already established serious cred in the premium ball market with a top-notch product, dynamite graphics, and design centric packaging the likes of which the golf world had never seen before. The brand’s rabid cult following is growing as fast as Tiger Woods’ scorecard tally and this compellingly priced, snappy high end golf glove will keep VICE’s high going.

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