Out On A Limb: 10 Daredevil Instagrammers To Follow

Above: 10 of our favourite daredevils on Instagram

He takes pictures from tall buildings, can leap from a mountain ridge in a single bound and drives a car faster than a speeding bullet. Who we’re describing sound like Superman but it’s the Daredevil users of the popular photo sharing app Instagram. With approximately 60M photos shared on the app daily, there are 10 notable risk takers you should follow that will do just about anything to get an amazing shot. Whether it’s taking pictures of themselves or capturing the death defying moments of others, you’re guaranteed to see jaw-dropping images and adventures. When we say “Don’t try this at home” we mean it. Seriously!

Abe Kislevitz @abekislevitz

What would the world be like without GoPro? We perish the thought and Abe Kislevitz, production artist at the high-tech camera company, shows us how using the popular device can capture his amazing feats, from tree tops to mountain tops, with more than his 46K followers.

Andy Bardon @andy_bardon

Photographer, director and contributor to National Geographic, Andy Bardon knows a thing or two about getting a great shot. He’s posted pictures from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the peaks of Mount Everest. Add him to your list of followers to populate your feed with magazine-like images.

Carlos Pedro Briceño @carlospedrobase

Carlos Pedro Briceño is not afraid of heights, we kid you not. Briceño’s Instagram feed shows off images of adventures many wouldn’t dare to try, namely the extreme sport of base jumping. Yup! This guy has balls and is not afraid of showing how high he can go.

Humza Deas @humzadeas

Dubbed by New York magazine as an “Outlaw Instagrammer,” New York-based photographer Humza Deas posts death defying images from the Big Apple and is just 17 years old – yes, that makes us feel a little old. This urban explorer finds inspiration in the city that never sleeps; he’s taken photos from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and has suspended from cable hooked to the Manhattan Bridge to get an aerial shot of cars below. Crazy!

Renan Ozturk @renan_ozturk

Do you want to see pictures of exotic locals and faraway places? Renan Ozturk’s Instagram account will make you want to grab your passport and book you next flight out of the country ASAP. This recognized expedition climber, landscape artist and filmmaker takes his 87K followers on a pictorial journey around the world that would make people at the Discovery Channel look like kids.

Jason Bourne @lastsuspect

Another well-respected urban explorer who has garnered more than 85K followers on Instagram, Jason Bourne – no relation to the Matt Damon character – also hails from the Big Apple and posts National Geographic-like images from places, such as the edge of tall buildings, which will stimulate your visual senses and make you say “Hmm…”

Tom Ryaboi @roff_topper

Tom Ryaboi’s writes in his Instagram profile that he has “Been on more roofs than Santa Clause” and once to scroll through his feed you’ll believe him. This Toronto native shot to online fame when he posted this picture in 2011 of his legs dangling over the edge of a building in the city’s financial district. Hit the follow button to see the rarely explored views of the city and beyond.

Vadim Makhorov @makhorov

Vadim Makhorov is one half of the Russian-based Instagram duo OnTheRoofs. Alongside his photography partner Vitaliy Raskalov, Makhorov takes pictures from the tallest man-made structures in the world. How he fandangles his way up these structures is a feat in itself.

Vitaliy Raskalov @raskalov

The other half of OnTheRoofs, Raskalov’s fear of heights knows no bounds just like his photo partner Makhorov. From Chicago to Prague to Istanbul, he’ll show you views of the world’s cities that will take your breath away.

Zak Shelhamer @zakshelhamer

Last but certainly not least on our list of Daredevil Instagrammers is Zak Shelhamer. Shelhamer is another avid GoPro user who was named by Fobes.com as one of the “10 Instagram Photographers You Should Follow.” He has more than 167K followers who love seeing his gnarly action and lifestyle shots, such as him surfing the waves of his native San Francisco to cruising around Queensland, Australia.

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