Review: Zooop It Up

Above: Mike Dojc tries out Zoop It Up's man-sized onesies

In the annals of off the wall golf lifestyle wear, file Zoop It Up’s man-sized onesies in the same drawer as Reef’s thong toed golf sandals and high top Air Jordan 1’s Marcus Jordan, his Airness’ son tweeted out.

Billed as a purveyor of the ultimate comfy wear, Zooop It Up, a Naples Florida boutique specializes in soft and cuddly lounge wear perfect for long plane rides or other situations where comfort commands a premium.

Fit wise it feels like wearing a particularly cozy jogging suit or a fashion forward Snuggie. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be swaddled in plush golf balls provided golf balls were as soft as teddy bears, this is the closest you’re going to get.

If at anytime you become self-conscious about wearing an outfit normally seen on pint sized rug rats and you sense a tinge of embarrassment creeping in, they are designed so that you can zip the hood all the way up for maximal anonymity. The Zooop fleece golf ($199) is 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester and has a sturdy zipper down your midsection plus a couple zip-up pockets for safe stowage of your wallet, cell, and other pocket candy.

Outside of the golf style, Zooop It Up’s fashions come in a myriad of looks to suit a wide variety of tastes, everything from a wintry Igloo block pattern to Bubba and Paula Creamer friendly pink camo.

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