Somebody Spoofed Awkward NBA All-Star Clips and Made Them Into a 90s Sitcom

Above: What if the NBA All-Star Game was a cheesy 90s sitcom?

The NBA All-Star Game always delivers plenty of entertainment and excitement. Sure, we get the slam dunk contest, the three point challenge, and of course the high-flying action of the game itself, but the whole spectacle of the weekend is really where we experience greatness. While the All-Star festivities are a time to celebrate the best the league has to offer, that doesn’t mean everyone is safe from the occasional fail. This year, fans roasted two time MVP, Steph Curry, on Twitter after he rocked an undeniably awful headband. Somehow, however, that wasn’t the most awkward moment from the entire event. For that special honour, we have to turn you to the NBA’s official twitter account

Before the All-Star Game was properly underway, the league’s social media team posted extremely dumb videos showcasing each player’s signature shoe. Everything from the framing, the ridiculous finger-pointing, and uncomfortable smiles all added up to a totally questionable campaign. You can try to get a sense of the ordeal for yourself, by seeing some examples below.

Yikes! In a week where players found out they were traded during an unrelated media scrum, and an all-star revealed he was a flat earth truther, these shoe videos were still the most cringeworthy things to happen to the NBA. Thankfully, some genius on Reddit recognized this travesty and turned it all into pure gold. Site user, DeerOnTheRocks, edited the shoe clips into an amazing 90s sitcom intro, complete with theme music from era classic, Full House. The results are amazing, but we didn’t need to tell you that. Check out the silliness below via YouTube, and discover why it’s the best thing on the internet this week.

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