Watch David Beckham’s Career Highlights… In Lego

Watch David Beckham's career highlights in Lego
Watch David Beckham's career highlights in Lego

In May 2013, David Beckham announced his retirement from professional football following a high profile career with Manchester United, Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.

Now that Beck’s illustrious 20-year career is behind him, Japanese filmmakers Mori Pictures have paid tribute to the 38-year-old global superstar with a short clip re-enacting all of the key moments of his career… in Lego. The 4-minute video is comprised of 2,300 photos seamed together, taking you from his red card in World Cup in 1998 to his emotional goodbye in Paris in 2013.

BTW. In a 2010 interview, Beckham admitted that if he wasn’t a footballer he would have been a professional “lego builder.”


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