Justin Timberlake’s Video “Tunnel Vision” Banned From YouTube

JT's NSFW video has been removed from YouTube
JT's NSFW video has been removed from YouTube

Justin Timberlake definitely brought “sexyback” with his latest music video, but a little too much sexy for YouTube’s standards.  But I doubt it’s something many guys will complain about…

JT dropped the music video for his latest single “Tunnel Vision” but shortly after it’s release, it was removed from YouTube for nudity and sexual content violations. The seven minute video features Timberlake fully clothed as his female dancers move around seductively in smoke only wearing nude underwear. The female dancers have a couple nip slips at the start but it soon turns into full frontal nudity for the rest of the video. 

It looks as if the former ‘N Sync frontman took a couple pointers from Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video which was also banned from YouTube for featuring topless dancers. To be fair, Timberlake did warn his followers on Twitter Wednesday when he tweeted, “Check out the new video for Tunnel Vision and be ready…it’s explicit. –teamJT.” 

This is Timberlake’s third single off his album 20/20 Experience. Fans of the album will be happy to know 20/20 Experience Part 2 is set to come out September 20th.


Tanya Cruz

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