3 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunscreen

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It’s summer time, so that means this Q&A is all about sharing the requisite, annual sunscreen info. Except it’s not. We know you know the basics about application, such as applying your sunscreen 15 minutes before you head outdoors, reapplying every other hour and using a quarter-size amount on your face and a shot glass-worth on your body, so we won’t bore you with that. Nope.

We’ve got three new insider tips about SPF, thanks to Neutrogena’s spokeswoman Lucky Bromhead who spends long hours often outside and on set glamming television’s Schitt’s Creek stars. So read on.

Do I apply sunscreen before or after applying face and body moisturizers?
It depends on if you use a chemical or physical sunscreen formula. “Chemical sunscreens, like NEUTROGENA Ultra Sheer or Hydro Boost have to absorb into your skin to work, so it’s best to apply before your regular moisturizer so it doesn’t block the SPF from absorbing to the max,” explains Bromhead. “Physical sunscreens, like NEUTROGENA Sheer Zinc sit on top of your skin. In this case, it’s better to apply your moisturizer before your sunscreen.” Knowing the difference will help protect from sun damage and prevent skin cancer.

Why does sunscreen make me look ridiculously white in summer pictures?
Chances are you were photographed with a camera or smart phone and the flash was engaged. “Products with physical SPFs, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide cast a dusty white colour on your skin,” says Bromhead. “It’s known as flashback andcaused by the reflection from a camera’s flash.” So wear a chemical SPF on the days and nights you’re going to be in the camera’s spotlight.

I’m not bald, but my scalp always burns. How can I prevent this?
Bromhead advises using a Q-tip to apply sunscreen to the part in your hair to avoid burning. But she also warns to not overlook applying an SPF to the back of the neck, ears and tops of your feet, too. “The NEUTROGENA Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreens can even be held upside down while spraying to get to those tough to reach places by yourself,” she adds. “And the Hydro Boost is a favourite for anyone wanting an easier application over hairy areas; it’s also great for darker skin tones, as it leaves no whitish cast without a greasy residue and has a light feel.”

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