5 Must-Have Grooming Travel Products

It’s cold outside and you either want to maximize it by hitting the slopes or minimize it by heating up somewhere palm-tree bound. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure to pack all of these…

Be Happy, Mini Box Set
Get your feels on! With names like Good Morning Beautiful, Namaste Ninja and Good Karma, it’s hard not to feel empowered when you spritz one of these aromatherapy blends on your pillow and onto your clothes. Each bottle is filled with uplifting, balancing and more, natural essential oils.
$58, available online at www.happyspritz.ca.

Blistex, Superfruit Soother Lip Balm
When you spend hours seesawing between wacky weather temperatures, you can never have too many lip balms on hand to keep your lips healthy and protected. The Superfruit Soother contains SPF 15, vitamins C and E courtesy of cloudberry and acai berries and a hint of soothing mint.
From $2.98, available at drug stores.

JR Watkins Hand Creams
No-one knows better than Canadians how dehydrating forced air (hot and cold) can be, especially for your hands. This buttery, paraben-free aloe cream is your new go-to solution thanks to its natural blend of coconut and avocado oils. Plus, 3.3-ounce carry-on size makes it perfect for travel.
$9.79, available at Rexall.

Lush Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo and Candy Rain Conditioner
Skiing, skating, snowboarding, surfing and/or swimming can all take a toll on your hair and scalp, making it sweaty, oily and flat. Wash away sweat and grime with a blend of fresh lemon, sea salt and B.C-grown wasabi, then condition it into soft submission with Brazil and macadamia nut milks and Toronto and Vancouver rainwater.
From $9.95 each, available at Lush.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree
Super portable Face Wipes, Face Wash Foam and Face Cream make your morning and before-bed routines easy peasy. Each product is fuelled with the antibacterial power of tea tree combined with the soothing comfort of copaiba oil to deep clean, prevent acne and moisturize your face.
From $13.98 each, available online at www.well.ca.

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