Must-Have: Vitaly Freunde X Stainless Steel Double Ring

Above: Vitaly's Freunde x Stainless Steel

Must-have: Vitaly Freunde X Stainless Steel Double Ring
Price: $50.00

Thanks to the fat bracelet stacks on heroin chic rockers and the garish, “check me out” neck chains on mediocre rappers, the jewelry landscape has never been trickier to navigate. And while the current interest in vintage watches is a sign that all is not lost, a lot of men seem comfortable rocking some pretty brutal bling. An ugly David Yurman piece is still ugly, fellas. Remember that.

Toronto-based jewellery designer Vitaly gets that less is more, and offers an array of simple, understated pieces with an edge. Our current favourite is the Freunde X Stainless Steel Double Ring. Weighty enough to take whatever punishment you throw its way – and dispel the notion that two finger rings best suit the often daintier mitts of a woman – its lines are both elegant and masculine, meaning you can rock it at a charity dinner or a back lane beating. The two screws are also a nice touch, giving some ruggedness and depth to an otherwise streamline piece.

Also available in gold and matte black, the stainless steel version is by far the most versatile and looks good if, like Pharrell, you pair it with single rings or let it fly solo. At $50, however, there’s certainly no harm in going for the trinity. It’s still going to be hundreds of dollars less than most of the nonsense out there.

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