Father’s Day Scents For Every Dad Out There

Father's Day scents for every dad out there

It may be an understatement to say most men are hard to shop for but it’s very on point to say that the hardest of them all would have to be your father. Either they buy whatever it is they need or want or you’re consistently second guessing yourself once you’ve purchased the home renovation store gift card. How to deal with this dilemma? Try sniffing your way to the dad in your life’s heart with these perfect scent selections for every kind of dad out there.

Classic Dad

He wants to be kept in touch with today but isn’t concerned with celebrities and gossip. Smack dab in between keeping up with the Joneses and Keeping up the Kardashian’s. His ideal scent: Calvin Klein Dark Obsession is described as “powerfully masculine” and contains a nice balance of fresh, unique and rich with it’s absinthe and vanilla bean notes.

The New Dad

He’s got the baby-bundling down pact and he knows Goodnight Moon cover to cover but he hasn’t focused on himself in months. His ideal scent: David Beckham Urban Homme is masculine and chic without being overpowering and too intense. Green apple, lavender and suede make for a wearable, everyday scent while perhaps making him feel a little like a soccer star.

The Grandpa

His hugs make everything better and his advice is genuinely invaluable. He loves you like his own child but knows how to talk to you like you’re his best friend. His ideal scent: Demeter Whiskey & Tobacco slaps you on the back, just like your grandfather might congratulate you on a special occasion. It’s also familiar and warm, which gives you that comforting, reassured feeling that only a grandpa can do.

The Outdoorsy Dad

He likes to get rough and gruff and toss the ball around with his kids. He’s a fan of building up a good sweat but cleaning up nicely when warranted. His ideal scent: Old Spice Wolfthorn is the reinvented take on the classic old spice scent. The scent combines bright, fruity notes with warm, woodsy bases for a vast improvement on the original scent.

The Hip, Tech-Connected Dad

He’s up to date on the trends and often a step ahead. He’s got the latest smartphone and the latest smart-looking glasses. His ideal scent: Givenchy Gentlemen Only is warm, clean and incredibly woodsy, which is a nod to it’s original version from 1974, which was ahead of it’s time in the woody note scented men’s fragrances.

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