Product Hype: Hello Good Morning and Good Night Fluoride Free Toothpaste

When it comes to your morning and evening grooming routines, it’s safe to say you don’t always follow the same practices. You’ve got day lotions and night creams, morning shaves and evening masks, SPF for the sunshine and great outdoors and hydrating serums before bed.

Well, now you’ve got a Hello’s Good Morning and Good Night Toothpastes, too.

While both whiten naturally by removing surface stains and simultaneously remove plaque with regular brushing to keep your teeth and mouth fresh and clean, they also contain separate ingredients that when used in tandem, day and night, provide solid benefits.

Good Morning’s formula contains farm-grown mint, meyer lemon flavour, ginseng, camu camu and guarana to energize your tastebuds and help you kick start your day. Good Night’s paste includes chamomile, lavender and farm-grown mint to provide you with a comforting combination of relaxation and freshness. What you won’t find in either is fluoride, bpa or phthalates, which means you’re on your way to healthy brushing, at least twice a day.

Hello Good Morning and Good Night Toothpaste, $6.50 each, available online at


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