5 Extra Benefits Of Botox

Mid adult man (30s) receiving botulinum toxin injection.

Most of us know that dermal neuromodulators like Botox can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. And God bless, because sometimes you just want a tough of youth added back into your life. Yet, Dr. Ron Somogyi and Dr. Waqqas Jalil, both board certified plastic surgeons at FORM Face + Body, a Toronto-based plastic surgery and advanced aesthetics clinic, credit the treatment with five additional body and face-enhancing benefits. Here’s what they have to say.

1. Botox for platysmal bands

Platysmal bands, found in your neck, are a natural part of the aging process. Over time though, the skin loses elasticity which causes the skin overlying the platysma muscle in the neck to weaken and sag. As this occurs in conjunction with repeated muscle activity, vertical neck cords and bands can form across the neck leading up to the chin. “While platysmal bands don’t pose any health risks, they can be a cosmetic concern for many patients,” explain Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil. “Botox injections are a non-invasive treatment for achieving a more youthful neckline. A few well-placed Botox injections can help relax the platysma muscles, making the vertical bands less noticeable.”

2. Botox for tech neck

We all do it and all the time—crane our heads downward while checking smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Well guess what? This can cause neck lines to deepen and wrinkle. “These horizontal lines on the neck are often referred to as ‘tech neck,’” say Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil. “Though some wrinkling is inevitable with age, there has been a rise in premature aging of the neck, and many patients are concerned about correcting lines that have already formed. Botox has been used for several years to treat horizontal neck wrinkles and creases. Small amounts of Botox can be injected into this area to help tighten the skin and smooth the lines.”

3. Botox brow lifts

As our face ages, our eyebrows can begin to sag and furrow. Not a good look. “A Botox brow lift can help treat dynamic wrinkles, raise sagging eyebrows and reduce the appearance of upper eyelid hooding,” say Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil. “By injecting a small amount of neuromodulator above the lateral aspect of the eyebrows, droopy brows can be raised for a more awake and youthful appearance.”

4. Botox in Masseter for TMJ

Who hasn’t suffered from a clenched jaw? Headaches and teeth grinding aside, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders can also affect the jaw joints and surrounding muscles and ligaments. “The TMJ is used during talking, eating and swallowing and can become displaced or overworked through excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching,” explain Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil. “Symptoms of TMJ disorders can include jaw tenderness, tension headaches, earaches, and facial pain. When neuromodulators like Botox are injected into the temporalis, frontal, and masseter muscles, nerve signals that cause uncontrollable muscle movements are blocked, relaxing the muscles and alleviating these symptoms.”

5. Axillary hyperhidrosis treatments for underarms

Sweating is normal, but excessive sweating is not. It stains our clothes, makes us feel self-conscious when the sweat marks become obvious and then there’s just the overall discomfort. Botox can effectively treat axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in the underarms. “This treatment involves 15-20 small injections administered directly into the armpit area,” say Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil. “The treatment works by blocking the nerve signals responsible for sweating and stops the sweat glands from producing excessive sweat. Patients may notice results after only a few days, and results can be highly effective and long-lasting. One of the benefits of this treatment is that it also reduces noticeable body odours caused by axillary hyperhidrosis.”

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