Air Jordan 1 “Banned” Gets a Flyknit Treatment

Above: The new Jordan kicks have yet to receive a release date

Air Jordan Retros have seen a massive resurgence these past twelve months, and that’s thanks to a plethora of trendsetters in the world of fashion, music, and athletics. Sneakerheads may have been on the Air Jordan wave for a minute now, but it seems as though everyone and their mom are taking a liking to the classic silhouette. One of the most popular versions of the shoe this year are of course, the classic Air Jordan 1s. After becoming one of the most coveted pieces for shoe fanatics in 2017, the Air Jordan 1 “Banned” are now being shot into the modern era with a bold flyknit treatment.

The new sneakers have yet to be officially announced, but a lucky few are taking to the internet to give fans an exclusive look at the sleek design. Thanks to Instagram user, zsneakerheadz, we have a pretty substantial idea of what these Air Jordans will be all about. We’ve also been blessed with the very clear header image, which was taken during an NBA playoff match between the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonia Spurs. In 2015, Nike introduced the Air Jordan MTM pack, which came very close to being a complete Flyknit version of the classic sneaker. The new 2017 edition, however, is the complete hybrid we’ve all been waiting for.

The new Air Jordan 1 maintains the classic silhouette and is outfitted with an almost entirely knit midsole. You can also make out the trusty logo on the upper cuff, which looks nice and slimmed down as well. As for the sole itself, it appears to be relatively untouched which is a stylistic choice set to please fans of the OG model. To get a closer look at the piece, check out the Instagram leak below. In the meantime, stay tuned for the official announcement regarding this modern revamp.

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