Fragrance Of The Month: Salvatore Ferragamo Foreste di Seta EDP

Fragrance Of The Month: Salvatore Ferragamo Foreste di Seta EDP

This month? We try out Salvatore Ferragamo’s Foreste di Seta EDP…

Our latest spritz this month is Salvatore Ferragamo’s gender-fluid eau de parfum Foreste di Seta. Translated from the Italian language, written by the fashion house, and into your everyday English, Foreste di Seta means silk forests. We’ll take this a step further by demystifying Ferragamo perfumer speak into regular guy talk: it also means a gorgeous, aromatic and woody scent.

The parfum opens with clary sage, a refreshing flowering herb, before being swirled into notes of nutty walnut and smooth silk. Madagascar vetiver’s complex woody and earthy scent completes the blend, giving it a grounded vibe. The overall effect is lively and green, soft and sweet, warm and lightly spiced. A glorious and subtle smelling eau that transports wearers to what feels like a magical forest.

The bottle is equally appealing. It captures the green liquid in a heavy rectanglular-shaped glass flacon designed with leafy botanicals, orange and midnight-coloured berries, white blooming flowers, and even, a ladybug or two. Topped with a round silver cap, it exudes serenity and peace, the very sentiment of overgrown forestation.

Salvatore Ferragamo Foreste di Seta EDP $116 for 50 and $154 for 100 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay.

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