Breakfast Is Back: Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Skipping It

Breakfast Is Back: Maybe We Shouldn't Be Skipping It

In a world where the latest diet trends are all about 16 hour fasts, there are renewed studies suggesting that maybe we shouldn’t be skipping breakfast after all. It has been proven that starting your day with a nutritious meal jumpstarts your metabolism and provides fuel to your body and brain. Besides nutritional value, breakfast also contributes to mental alertness and physical performance. It also helps to balance out your blood sugar levels. Moreover, those of us who don’t skip breakfast are more likely to pay better attention to our overall nutrient intake throughout the day, regularly participate in physical activity, and adequately manage stress.

Further, making time for breakfast can also mean making time in the morning for social bonding; whether it be with your kids or your partner. Researchers found that people who eat socially are more likely to feel better about themselves and have a wider social network capable of providing social and emotional support.

But how to do you make time for breakfast during your busy schedule? Here are some of our favourite easy breakfast ideas for your workdays/ weekdays.

Whole grain cereal with fruit
We love the nostalgia of cereal for breakfast. Not only do we love the memories of eating cereal as a kid, we also remember that it gave us energy to run around during recess. And that’s a good thing. Make sure you opt for a whole grain cereal like Cheerios (one of our childhood favs), then top it with some of your favourite fruit (blueberries, bananas, strawberries, etc) and finish it with your choice of milk (dairy, nut or soy will do – just opt for one with a good protein level). This one bowl breakfast will give you great energy for the workday ahead and the dietary fiber from wholegrain oats can help to reduce your cholesterol.

Yogurt with fruit and nuts
Opt for a greek yogurt with little very little added sugar. This quick and easy source of protein and nutrients has 25 grams of protein and only 149 calories in a 1-cup serving. Top with berries, chopped fruit, and nuts to add more fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

DIY egg bites with vegetables
Egg bites have become all the rage thanks to coffee chains but they are actually very easy to make at home. Simply beat a dozen eggs, add in some frozen spinach and cheese. Bake them in silicone muffin tins and you have breakfast for the whole week.

Whole Grain Toast
This simple breakfast staple can be a quick source of complex carbs (the good kind of carbohydrates). We suggest trying sprouted grain bread for even more fiber and protein. Next, top your toast with any nutritious accompaniment, such as: mashed avocado and chili flakes, peanut butter and banana, or cottage cheese and berries.

Need some more tips on how to make breakfast a priority? Check out our 5 Tips on Making Breakfast a Priority.

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