About Face: Rockwell Razor Chrome Series

Above: Rockwell Razor Chrome Series
About Face: Rockwell Razor Chrome Series

With the sea of hipster beards, handlebar mustaches and baby-fresh faces that now define men’s grooming, we can assure you that how you wear your facial hair has become as personal as your name. Along with this devil may care attitude comes a bustling US $22 million shaving market where, naturally, there’s a beard oil, wax and razor blade to suit your every style.

And for particular fellows who enjoy a tailored shave, there’s the Rockwell Chrome.

The latest in custom shaving, the Rockwell Chrome Series Razors stand out with their adjustability and innovative classic razors that use double edge blades. Crafted from durable metal, the razor is available in six different sizes—size 1 through size 6—so that you can accommodate your day-old stubble as easily as you can remove your beach Leo DiCaprio-inspired beard. Plus, the technology has tweaked the gap and angle between the razor and the razor blade, making it more adaptable to your face and your skin type so that you can get the closest shave possible without the friction or burn.

But here’s where it gets really interesting. This razor is part of a crowd-funded start-up on Indiegogo, which has, since October 2016, raised almost US$120,655. Rumour has it that if you get in the game now and pre-order, your face will be as coifed as, well, as coifed as you like by early spring.

Rockwell Razors Chrome Series range from US$25 to US$45 and are available online at Indiegogo.

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