Talking Fragrances With Cooper Hefner

Above: Cooper Hefner at the 60th anniversary party for Playboy in London, England

The original men’s magazine is six decades old. Since Hugh Hefner launched Playboy, in 1953, it’s grown to become one of the most famous lifestyle brands in the world, far surpassing its sexy centerfold stereotypes. These days the iconic rabbit logo can be seen on everything from clothing to cologne.

As Playboy continues to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Hugh’s youngest son, Cooper Hefner (whose shown a keen interest in the brand and is rumoured to be taking over the multimillion dollar Playboy empire) sits down to talk fragrances.

AmongMen: What does a fragrance mean to you?
Cooper Hefner: The fragrance you choose to wear on a day or nighttime outing says something important about you. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the home you live in, and the cologne you apply. All of these things speak on behalf of the man or woman you are attempting to be.

AM: Do you remember the first perfume you used?
CH: Yes, it was Bleu by Chanel.

AM: When you think about your teenage & childhood, which is the perfume that comes to your mind?
CH: When I was younger I don’t think I cared enough about how I presented myself to even wear cologne. I just used simple body sprays until I grew up a bit. Maturity brings an appreciation and understanding of appearance.

AM: When and where do you wear your fragrance?
CH: I wear cologne every time I go out, but I wear specific colognes for specific events. If I’m going into our Playboy office in Beverly Hills I’ll wear something different than if I’m going for a night out.

AM: Which fragrance from the Playboy range do you prefer?
CH: My favorite one of our colognes is the Playboy VIP fragrance. I wear that almost every time I go out in Los Angeles.

AM: If someone asks you, why should he use Playboy’s fragrances, what would you say?
CH: I would say that the rabbit represents the modern sophisticated man. I would say that someone should wear our cologne for the same reason someone should wear our apparel or should be a member of one of our clubs. Playboy represents a lifestyle and wearing the Playboy fragrance allows you to live that lifestyle.

AM: Who did mainly influence your private style (in fashion, beauty)?
CH: I’m someone who enjoys putting on a suit and going out with the boys, but I’m also someone who enjoys wearing simpler clothes if I’m staying in and relaxing at home. I wouldn’t say there isn’t anyone specific who influences my style, but I definitely love skinny suits and skinny ties from the 1960s with a bit of a modern twist on them. That is where a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from.

AM: How do you usually relax in your spare time?
CH: I have friends over at the Mansion or I spend time with my family. If I’m taking a day to just relax I enjoy staying in bed and watching a movie.

AM: What is your favorite past time?
CH: I really enjoy playing the piano and writing music. I also enjoy writing short scripts and shooting short films in my spare time.

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