5 Trendy Costumes For Halloween 2013

Above: Robin Thicke, Walter White, Duck Dynasty, Walking Dead Zombie and Daft Punk

Every year Halloween becomes both roast and tribute to the year’s most pop pop icons. Droves of people with ear to the zeitgeist act out a fantasy or parody of the stars, usually a bit of both. But that’s what Halloween’s all about!

This year,  just one week before Halloween, we round up five of the most trendy costumes for those still going through the old October 25th existential crisis. Each one of these takes commitment to your character, so if they seem a little much for you, make sure to check out our sister list: Five minimalist costumes for Halloween 2013.

Robin Thicke: This is the probably the top pop costume. Let’s get it out of the way. After the VMA performance the former Hannah Montana has kind of been putting on the red light, and Robin Thicke’s right there under it. Everywhere plus your Grandma are selling his white and black suit, but even if you can’t find it just get a gal pal to rub up on you with her tongue out and people will get the message.

Walter White: With Breaking Bad closing up shop, the mournful and honorific have turned to carrying on their idol’s visage. There’s a lot of ways you can go with this as well. You can work the Heisenberg, a look that’s become classic over the last few seasons. All you need is a bald cap, big glasses and a goatee. If you want to show your die-hard fandom, try the green dress-shirt and tightie-whities look from season one. Some costume stores, with the character’s popularity, have even brought in Hazmat suits, so you can cook your candy meth in safety.

Duck Dynasty: This one’s pretty easy. Fake beard and a lumber-jack shirt. If you’re dedicated, buy a gun. The great thing with this costume is that there’s four bearded boys to choose from, two young and two old. If you want to go with Si, just remember some specs and his tea glass.

Walking Dead Zombie: The zombie look is still going strong, though a lot of Walking Dead distinct material has made the transfer into lawn decorations. I saw a really freaky “teddy-bear girl” at a Halloween warehouse sale a few nights ago. Just rip up your clothes and douse yourself in red paint. If this isn’t enough, pick a character to zombify. Zombie Miley, Zombie Walt. Or you could go as the sheriff.

Daft Punk: Maybe the hardest on the list, since Daft Punk’s look is so particular. But a great couple’s costume if you want to stand back to back spinning the cheese plate all night. I’ve actually seen some really great DIY Daft Punks over the years too especially good if you don’t mind missing the mark a little bit. A black leotard with some fake lights on it and a spray-painted bucket for a helmet never fails to please.

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