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This month, more than any, has us racing outdoors to do anything, everything, something above and beyond staring at the same four walls we’ve felt trapped behind (albeit each of us with our own different set) for the past four months. Now, with the COVID ban easing and the weather heating up, we’re so excited to breathe fresh air 24/7 that we haven’t been particularly religious with our skin care.

So get on it. And while really, any cream will do (along with a layer of SPF 30 over top), we like belif The true cream – aqua bomb aloe vera for your morning and evening skin care routine.

The limited edition and dermatologically tested product is gel-based so super lightweight in texture and in scent. Plus, it goes on easily and absorbs almost instantly giving your face a much-needed boost of hydration courtesy of hyaluronic acid. So if you’ve been a chump and forgot to apply your SPF before you spent the day and night outside, the formulation’s addition of aloe vera will cool, sooth and ease away the sunburn sting from the sun’s UVB rays. Its inclusion of the moisturizing herb lady’s mantle will also work overtime to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth.

And since we know it’s going to take a lot to get anyone back inside any time soon, try keeping your tub of the good stuff in the fridge to maximize its fresh and cooling sensation every time you rub a dime’s worth on.

belif The true cream – aqua bomb aloe vera, $50 for 50 ml, available online at www.sephora.com

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