Fragrance Of The Month: Mugler Alien Man Fusion EDT

This month? We try out Mugler Alien Man Fusion EDT…

Need an energy boost? We thought so. Okay, maybe we can’t take all the credit or any of it if we’re to be perfectly honest. But the house of Thierry Mugler can with it’s electrifying new blend Alien Man Fusion EDT. Hot after the heels of its predecessor Alien Man, this new fusion of sensual, leathery, woody goodness is all about the razzle and dazzle.

Fuelled with vibrant ginger and cinnamon, the first spritz of the eau grabs your attention instantly and magnifies it with a spicy intensity. Sensual leather and osmanthus blossom ease over top giving your senses a sultry pleasant vibe before amping them back up again with rejuvenating steamed beech and green coffee. The overall effect is zesty and warm with dry, sharp and electric undertones.

Like it’s older brother, Fusion is also captured in a squat rectangular flacon. This time however, the bottle’s shade of blue is brilliant indigo, alluding to the exhilarating scent that floats within it. So if you’re looking for a little extra sizzle and pizzazz to get you through the day, this is it. You can look no further. Just start spritzing.

Thierry Mugler Alien Man Fusion EDT is $90 for 100 ml, available at Hudson Bay stores across Canada.

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