About Face: Filorga Sleep-Recover Fatigue Correcting Night Balm

Above: Filorga Sleep-Recover Fatigue Correcting Night Balm

It’s fair to say: sleep is an underrated and coveted commodity, mostly because we’re not getting enough of it. According to Statistics Canada, men get less zzzs than women. Okay, so maybe it’s a discrepancy of a mere 11 minutes, but still. Shut-eye is a big deal: it’s when your body does its finest work, especially on your skin.

Sleepy time is when your old skin cells are replaced with new, fresher-looking versions. Explains the dark under eye circles and bags, lack lustre complexion and dilated blood vessels doesn’t it? And while ideally, changing up your nighttime habits is key we also know that realistically, reaching for an anti-fatigue skincare product can be your interim, immediate solution.

Loaded with ingredients like silk tree and horse chestnut extracts and hyaluronic acid to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles Filorga Sleep-Recovery Fatigue Correcting Night Balm helps smooth fine lines and that overall look of weariness into oblivion. It’s suitable for all skin types, too. The catch: the balm has to be rubbed onto your face before you hit the sheets, though, to do its job. And, spoiler alert: while it may work minor miracles on your mug, it won’t alleviate grouchiness or yawning. Thankfully, there’s caffeine for that.

Filorga Sleep-Recovery Fatigue Correcting Night Balm comes in 50 ml for $95 and is available at Holt Renfrew, Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

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