About Face: GilletteLabs With Exfoliating Bar Razor

GilletteLabs With Exfoliating Bar Razor may look old school, but it is as awesome as it is cool with its new shaving tech.

For starters, the blades, and there are five of them, slice away your stubble quickly, easily and comfortably. Particularly since the razor’s handle features a built-in exfoliating bar to gently and effectively remove dead skin, dirt and grim while you’re removing unwanted facial hair. The textured bar connects with your face right before the blades do, helping to ensure a smooth shave as well as a well cleansed one.

Then there’s the razor, which manoeuvres across your cheeks, chin and upper lip easily too. The brand’s 2DFlexDisc glides and pivots as you need it to, eliminating the worry of nicks and cuts while ensuring the blade never misses a spot. As for the razor’s framework, it follows the built-to-last motto with its diecast zinc metal handle. Like the exfoliating bar, it too has been crafted to last through five years of daily shaves. You can confidently give it the props it demands too by keeping it clean and dry in its handy dandy magnetic docking stand.

GilletteLabs With Exfoliating Bar Razor with two blade cartridges and the magnetic stand, $44.99, available online at www.amazon.ca.

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