Hello Natural Deodorant? Yes, Please

Saying hello to deodorant is always a good thing, at least in our opinion. But then again, we’re not fans of sweaty pits and smelly underarms. We prefer feeling fresh and clean particularly when we’re getting up close and personal.

Hello Products agrees and have four new, vegan, natural and aluminum-, baking soda- and paraben-free deodorants to prove it. This new line is complete with four natural fragrances, “Clean + Fresh,” “Sweet Coconut,” “Sage + Eucalyptus” and our favourite, “Fresh Citrus,” ($8.99 each, available at Shoppers Drug Mart). The body and skincare brand’s head of R&D Connie Gregson does too, plus she’s got all the answers you need and has shared a few of them here below with us.

What’s the Difference Between Natural and Conventional Deodorants?
“When people talk natural deo, one of the primary ‘differences’ that often gets mentioned is that natural options don’t contain aluminum – and while this is generally true, the same can actually be said about traditional deodorants,” says Gregson for Hello Products. “You see, aluminum is a sweat-blocking agent used in traditional antiperspirant, but not traditional deodorant. So while aluminum is an ingredient some folks like to steer clear of, it’s not really a differentiator when it comes to natural vs. traditional.

Aluminum aside, the distinctions between natural and traditional mostly come down to the ingredients that are used to provide fragrance and neutralize odor. For instance: while traditional deodorants use synthetic, artificial fragrances, hello’s deos opt for, well, natural fragrances. Similarly, natural deodorants tend to employ more friendly and approachable ingredients when tackling odor, doing away with stuff like “methodioxyzylometaglitterythingy #48”… Ok fine, we made that one up, but if you’ve ever looked at a traditional deodorant label, you get the point.”

Name the Naturally-Friendly Deodorant Ingredients That Work:

Arrowroot: “One of the top odor fighters in our quiver. Arrowroot is a type of starch that helps to absorb moisture. While it doesn’t make you sweat less, it can help manage moisture production. And less moisture = less odor.”

Tea Tree Oil: “Tea tree oil helps fight the stink and keep your pits friendly. While it might seem counter-intuitive to associate moisturization with deodorant, it’s actually an important part of keeping your pits happy. We want to regulate moisture but not leave your skin dried out, as this can lead to discomfort and irritation.”

And don’t forget the moisturizing ingredients:

Coconut Oil: “We add coconut oil to our deodorants, because of its natural moisturizing might.”

Shea Butter: “Shea butter? More like ‘yay’ butter, are we right? Much like coconut oil, shea butter is a naturally friendly moisturizer that’s as gentle as it is effective.”

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