About Face: Laline Mr. Facial Cream Bergamot Lemon

Face cream. Chock full of do-good ingredients, the right formulation like, Laline’s Mr. Facial Cream Bergamot Lemon can moisturize, protect and soothe your skin all at the same time. And with nourishing calendula, avocado and jojoba oils, aloe vera extract, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 your face is sure to be super smooth to touch and to look at.

Factor in additional ingredients such as bergamot and lemon, as the name dictates, and you’re guaranteed to reap extra benefits.

Bergamot, for starters, is an essential oil favoured for its aromatic and citrus scent. It also contains excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal and eliminate bacteria-producing facial acne and soothe red and irritated skin. And if you’re like so many other men and experience pimples or cysts, bergamot’s analgesic qualities can even reduce their size and discomfort.

Lemon, on the other hand, is super high in acidity, which means it’s a great astringent and can decrease the inflammation and oil on your skin that can contribute to the formation of and appearance of whiteheads and pimples. Plus, because it’s a citric acid this infusion of lemon can also help slough away dead skin cells, leaving your face looking younger and with a healthy glow. Not bad considering all you have to do is rub a little of the cream on after you wash your skin in the morning.

LalineMr. Facial Cream Bergamot Lemon, $27 for 90 ml, available online at www.laline.ca



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