About Face: Monat For Men Essential Face Scrub

With the weather becoming warmer (sort of. We hope) and your facial hair getting shorter (sort of. We hope), it’s time to add a hydrating facial exfoliator, like Monat For Men’s Essential Face Scrub, into your skincare routine. After all, regular exfoliation is key to the health and look and feel of your face.

Loaded with ingredients such as, coffee Arabica bean, coconut shell powder and calendula flower extract, Essential Face Scrub gently revitalizes your complexion, prepares your skin for a smoother shave and soothes it for a soft touch. It’s natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable formula removes dead skin cells from your face, eliminates dirt and grime, unclogs your pores, prevents acne and loosens the Cheetos crumbs from your beard so that they can be washed away—all in less than five minutes spent at the bathroom sink or under the shower. Weekly.

That’s right. When you massage a facial scrub onto your damp skin on a regular basis, not only will it soften your face, eradicate ingrown hairs, increase collagen (the protein that keeps your face glowing and vibrant with plump cheeks, minimal wrinkles, lots of bouncy elasticity and way less sagging skin), it also improves the effectiveness of your face wash and face cream by enabling proper absorption into your epidermis. Because, you know, you don’t have a layer of dead skin cells prohibiting your favourite products, like Monat For Men’s Essential Face Wash and Essential Face Moisturizer from doing their job.

So pick up a facial scrub and get at it. It’s time.

Monet For Men Essential Face Scrub, Essential Face Wash and Essential Face Moisturizer $49 for 100 ml, $46 for 150 ml and $58 for 50 ml, available online at www.monatglobal.com.

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