Your Facial Exfoliating Dos & Don’ts

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Yes, using a facial scrub is a fairly simple process. Choose one of your liking, buy it, put it in your bathroom, squeeze a dime-size amount into your palms, emulsify the formula in your hands, gently massage it across your damp skin, rinse off and repeat in three to seven days. Easy-peasey. There are, however, a few helpful tips to know to maximize the benefits of your exfoliation and luckily for us, the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon in Toronto have created a Dos and Don’t list for your reference.

DO exfoliate in the morning. “Skin renews itself overnight,” explain theexperts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon. ”Making the morning a perfect time to whisk away dead cells.”

DON’T exfoliate before you cleanse. Doing so will remove sweat and dirt not the dead skin cells responsible for blocked pores, blackheads and a dull complexion.

DO dampen your skin first. Scrubbing dry skin can damage the upper layers of your dermis

DO hydrate your skin with a moisturizer immediately after exfoliation. Moisturizers are most effective after dead cells have been removed.

DON’T overdo it. “If you are using a mechanical/enzymatic exfoliator don’t follow it with a AHA, Glycolic or Retinol-based moisturizer, that’s overkill,” say theexperts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon.

DON’T use too much pressure when using granular scrubs or peeling creams. “Mild pressure is all that’s required to allow the product to do the work,” say theexperts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon.

DO be careful with sensitive areas, especially around eyes.

DON’T exfoliate if you have any open cuts or wounds.

DON’T go out into sun after exfoliating. “Even is you apply a sunscreen, exfoliation removes a protective layer making skin more sun-sensitive and prone to pigmentation,” explain theexperts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon.

DO use proper exfoliating products on the proper parts of your body. “Exfoliating products meant for your body or feet will be much harsher than an exfoliator for your face,” say theexperts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon.

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