The Best Local Summer Fashion Finds Under $150

Above: Some of the best local fashion finds

With August underway and there being only about a month left of summer, buying summer clothes can be quite the challenge. In just a few short weeks, fall inventory will begin to fill stores and the desire to buy shorts and t-shirts will soon fade. With that being said, I am here to tell you that the end of summer is actually the perfect time to buy your summer gear. While the most coveted items of the season are often sold out by this time, the arrival of fall inspires many retailers to mark down their summer merchandise, giving you the opportunity to save money and stock up for next year. Moreover, if you do decide to upgrade your summer wardrobe during this time, you will still have the chance to squeeze in a few wears before the hot weather dissipates and we start to prep for the long winter ahead. The following is a breakdown of where I think that you should be shopping for great summer finds if you’re looking to avoid breaking the bank and spend under $150. The best part is that there are quite a few amazing local stores and brands that will have you looking fresh while simultaneously keeping your wallet happy.

Store Pick: Get Fresh
Get Fresh


If you’re into streetwear/sportswear and your fashion inspiration comes the likes of Kanye, the Biebs, and Drake, then Get Fresh is the spot for you. I personally love this boutique because it focuses on quality and minimally branded clothing that is always on trend. I should note that if you are a man that loves the classic, this store is probably not for you. Get Fresh skews towards the fast fashion category, giving their shoppers direct access to trendy clothing rather than classic staples. Long T’s, distressed denim, and sweaters/hoodies with side zippers can all be found at this distinctive boutique, and with many Toronto dudes currently embracing this style, Get Fresh has never been hotter. Perusing the store is a treat in itself and you will notice that most of the gear falls under the $150 mark.

Clothing Picks: Peace Collective, Mutton Head
Peace Collective


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen Peace Collective all over the city. Famous for their Toronto – vs – Everybody T’s, Peace Collective is a great and affordable summer brand that provides the wearer with multi-faceted benefits. Not only can you display your city pride by rocking one of these coveted T’s, but you can also support local charities as Peace Collectives donates proceeds from their sales to support local Toronto food initiatives. With only their jackets crossing over the $150 price point, Peace Collective is definitely one of the best affordable and local Toronto brands. If you shop their site online right now, you can score an extra 30-50% off of select merchandise, giving you more money to spend on nights out and beer, all while still looking dope in your “Canadian Built” Tank top.



MuttonHead is another great Toronto brand. While not as hyped as some other local brands, MuttonHead has been steadily creating high-quality garments that have generated a cult-like following of devoted fans. If you check out their website, the whole collection is very well priced. Even their jackets fall under the $150 price point, and every piece is beautifully designed. I think that MuttonHead is absolutely doing it right. They have crafted a look that is a perfect fusion of city and country – the ultimate Torontonian look; a look that says “yeah, I can be chilling downtown on the city’s coolest patio, but I could also be heading up north for a weekend of camping”.

Accessories: Vitaly


No one is doing accessories in Toronto quite like Vitaly. The brand has garnered immense success by creating expertly crafted unisex jewelry that is instantly recognizable and cool at the same time. Asides from picking up cheap jewelry at a big retailer such as Zara or H&M, Vitaly is one of the most affordable accessory brands out there. With $150 in your wallet, you could easily purchase multiple pieces, and their online site always has a pretty decent sale section. If you’re looking to add a little something to your summer look, you can’t go wrong with Vitaly.

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