About Face: Peace Out Pore Perfecting Stick

What is it with the words “pore perfecting,” that elicit the same and instantaneous emotions as hearing (well, wishfully hearing. They were, after all, uttered in 2004) the words “and you get a car, and you get a car…everybody gets a car!”

Maybe it’s because we believe that dreams really do come true. Or, that if opportunity met the right circumstances, magic would happen. Either way, Peace Out has a new Pore Perfecting Stick and we’re pretty jacked up about it. And we think you should be too.

For starters, the stick is a facial scrub, infused with a five-acid blend to exfoliate dead skin cells off your face to improve its tone and texture. We all know, nothing gets skin cleaner and more rejuvenated than using a gentle scrub once or twice a week. Then there’s the top of the stick, which is curved outwards like a half moon, meaning that all you have to do is run the top of the stick across your clean skin to achieve a healthier and pore-minimized-looking outcome.

The product’s formula also includes kaolin clay, which is renowned for its ability to pull dirt, grime and excess oil out of your pores—always a good thing—making them appear tighter and smaller in appearance. Mushroom extract amplifies this by smoothing out your skin’s texture so that it looks and feels softer, while a fruit harvest blend of botanical extracts hydrate to promote a nourished and revitalized complexion. So really, there’s very little for you to do except rub the product across your face and then, wash it off.

The added bonus: you can use the stick as a face mask. Simply apply it to your freshly cleansed skin, leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse your way to pore perfection. There. We said it.

Peace Out Pore Perfecting Stick, $33 for 15ml, available online at www.peaceoutskincare.com and at Sephora stores.

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