About Face: R&R Luxury Shea Sugar Scrub For Face & Body In Lavender

This month? Your must-have product is R&R Luxury Shea Sugar Scrub for Face & Body in lavender

There’s a reason people from Ghana have amazing-looking skin, apart from having such good, wrinkle-free DNA that is. It’s shea butter, sourced directly from Ghana’s countryside where shea trees have been growing for thousands of years and the women who live there have been harvesting and processing it for just as many.

Technically a tree nut, shea butter is safe to use on all skin types, as it’s low in the proteins that can trigger an allergic reaction. Plus, it’s high in fatty acids and vitamins and that’s a good thing because it makes the products it’s swirled into, like R&R Luxury, Shea Sugar Scrub for Face & Body in Lavender, super easy to smooth on.

So even when the thick, smooth and creamy white ingredient is added into a facial scrub that washes off, it still moisturizes, soothes and conditions your skin long after you step out of the shower. Especially when it’s combined with R&R’s exfoliating brown sugar, hydrating coconut oil, collagen-boosting corn flour and calming, anti-bacterial lavender essential oil. Mix-mastered together, this face and body scrub’s ingredients simultaneously remove dead skin cells, grime and dirt, while plumping up your face and erasing fine lines, leaving you with a youthful Ghanaian glow.

R&R Luxury, Shea Sugar Scrub for Face & Body in Lavender, $25, available online at www.beautella.ca.

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