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Every year there’s seems to be a new must-try or die-of-FOMO fad. The slow cooked food movement, yoga with goats, pomegranates (juice, seeds, peel), in absolutely everything and let’s not forget Daniel Zomparelli’s celebrity-based I’m Afraid That podcast series. Some you try, while others, like Weleda’s Skin Food Experience are so mind-blowingly good you incorporate them into your everyday routine.

Why? Because the seasons have changed and your skin needs a boost of nourishment, moisturization and protection from an all-inclusive skincare regiment of products.

Weleda’s cult-favourite Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Face Cream is ideal this time to year to banish dry, tight and itchy, flaky skin, while newbie to the line, Light Nourishing Cream is an equally hydrating but lighter formula for your face. Skin Food Lip Butter infuses moisture so you can literally say buh bye to your former cracked and chapped lips. And if you really want to take this new trend with staying power to the max, add in the Skin Food Body Butter to quench your body from neck to toe. Oh, did we mention the line is super healthy and safe for all skin types thanks to its potent composition of botanicals along with pansy, sunflower seed oil, calendula, lanolin and beeswax for intense, concentrated moisture. Well, there’s that. So release your FOMO and indulge. It’s finally a trend we can get behind.

Weleda Skin Food Experience, from $6.99 to $18.99, available online at www.weleda.com.

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