About Face: XO FACEcare Atomic Calm Serum

When it comes to brand names and their product labels, XO FACEcare’s Atomic Calm has it made. For starters, who doesn’t want to give their skin a little extra TLC in the form of an x and an o? As for the aptly named serum, well, adding much-needed peace and quiet to your stressed out skin and in a dosage best described as massive, huge, gargantuan (a.k.a: atomic), all that’s left to do is buy and try.

With its infusion of vitamin B3, rosehip oil, niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3 that balances oil production, makes your pores look smaller and generally supports the outer layer of your skin), and omegas 3 and 6, you can wave goodbye to unwanted shaving nicks and cuts and picky poke marks from past pimples and spots. The serum’s silky texture soothes and smooths your skin, eliminating dryness, environmental damage, uneven texture and irritations. Plus, with consistent, twice daily application and courtesy of its antioxidants and the aforementioned omegas, your skin will appear plumper, firmer and much more resilient to the day-to-day trials stressors, like hot and cold fluctuating temperatures, work, quarantine life and more.

Home-grown and founded by Annie Graham, a facialist in Calgary, Alberta, the newbie brand is dedicated to creating solution-oriented, effective skin care with a clean chemistry process that is cruelty-free and uses a science-based approach to deliver formulations that do what the label says. Thanks to her background in medical aesthetics, Graham has captured the benefits of lasers and technology in her products, yet with a softer, non-invasive and gentler touch. The Atomic Calm serum is easy to apply too, all you have to do is massage a couple of drops onto clean skin, wait for it to absorb and then apply your favourite moisturizer over top, day and night.

XO FACEcare Atomic Calm Serum, $87 for 30 ml, available online at www.xotreatmentroom.com.

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