A Briefer To Scholarly Style

A briefer to scholarly style

Academia offers different things for different people. To some, it was their gateway into understanding the theories of humanity. To others, it provided them the opportunity to find their career path. And to another group (myself included) it provided an ample amount of style inspiration. Yes, style inspiration.

Take out your pencils and paper. It’s time to share an academic-inspired style lesson. No, there won’t be a test.

A Briefer To Scholarly Style - Elbow Pads

Elbow Pads
Above: J.Crew Heathered Elbow-Patch Shirt – $114.00

Elbow pads are, well, elbow pads. What may have once had a utilitarian purpose is now primarily added for aesthetic reasons. Often a staple of your history professor, this detail needs no explanation. What takes this style from outdated and cliché to slick and modern is their application. Instead of on an oversized, wool sweater, try finding an oxford button-up with elbow pads.

A Briefer To Scholarly Style - Turtlenecks

Above: Zara Turtleneck T-Shirt – $19.99

Turtlenecks have invaded the style scene for quite some time now. Everything from high-end designers to mass-market retailers produce a simple turtleneck. The key: as always, the way in which you wear it. Pair with skinny jeans for a clean sartorial image. Try to stay clear of loud blazers or vests, we’re going for scholarly not pretentious—there’s a difference.

A Briefer To Scholarly Style - Cable Knit Sweaters

Cable Knit Sweaters
Above: Club Monaco Cashmere Cable Crew – $348.00

If you’re looking to implement the academic touch without any great effort, pick up a cable-knit sweater. You’ll be able to keep this one in your wardrobe for years. Thanks to so many designers offering them, it may be wise to first decide what your price point is and then go from there. Remember, you have an academic flare now so you’ll need to be strategic.

A Briefer To Scholarly Style - Corduroy

Above: Banana Republic Vintage Straight-Fit Cord – $69.99

Corduroy is enigmatic fabric. It gives of an earthy, hands-on vibe yet it also conveys ideas about Ivy League education. Corduroy likes to play with both spectrums, creating a multifaceted look. The joy of this complexity is that it can be worn with many ensembles. It can be combined with say, a cable-knit sweater, for the ultimate scholarly look, or a crew neck tee, for a more contemporary image. To take corduroy to a place of extreme modernity, try it in different shades.

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