How To Prepare Your Place For A Date

Ways to make your home date-friendly (Photo: ueuaphoto/Shutterstock)

You’ve done the dinner date, seen the latest blockbuster movie and went for drinks at your neighbourhood watering hole. It’s time for the next step in your relationship – inviting your date over to your house. Whether it’s just for casual drinks or you have a more elaborate evening planned, you want to ensure you make a good first impression, since your home can say a lot about you. Here are some dos and don’ts to ensure you make it to the next date.

Do clean your apartment thoroughly. This means washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, making your bed (with fresh sheets) and dusting furniture.

Don’t leave out any memorabilia from past relationships. Your date doesn’t want to see pictures of you and your ex snowboarding in Whistler or tanning on the beach in Mexico. Same goes for souvenirs – you don’t want to awkwardly explain the origin of something should your date ask.

Do light a scented candle, but don’t go overboard. One or two candles throughout an apartment can help set the mood, but too many candles can make it seem like you’re trying too hard. (Tip: Remember to light candles with similar scents).

Don’t invite someone over if your roommates are going to be home. If you’re still trying to impress this girl, it will probably be easier if your roommates aren’t there telling her terrible stories about your university days. Ask your buddies to leave for a few hours and send you a text before they return.

Do make plans for the evening. Before the date, think about how you want to spend your night. Download a movie neither of you have seen, buy some snacks and get a good bottle of wine. If you have a great connection, you probably won’t need the distractions, but there is nothing worse than awkward silence. A little preparation can save you from a lot of pain.

Don’t drink too much. Since you’re already at home (and don’t have to drive), you might be tempted to have that extra glass of wine. But it’s easy to share too many details when you’re drunk – you want to save that story about your crazy ex or that month-long bender in Europe until later in the relationship. 

Do remember to have fun and be yourself. This is an opportunity to show your date more about your life. Don’t be afraid to point out things around your house that really represent you (ie. A favourite book or painting).

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