Adidas Releases Iconic Sneakers from ‘The Life Aquatic’

Above: Adidas Rom Zissou has a limited release this week

In 2004, Wes Anderson blessed us with the incredibly quirky and undeniably fun adventure, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The charming flick garnered critical acclaim for its blend of colourful aesthetic and its effortless ability to tug at our heartstrings. It starred a plethora of oddball characters, including Bill Murray in the titular role as a famous, yet aging oceanographer.

It was an unforgettable turn for the aforementioned comedian, and one that helped to reignite his dramatic career. This is perhaps why it shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that Murray has become a frequent collaborator of Anderson’s, and a recent stalwart of American cinema.

Along with The Life Aquatic’s wonderful plot and narrative execution, fans of the movie will attest that what makes the movie so great is it’s colourful imagery. Along with an obvious pastel infused lens, Anderson really hits a series of home runs throughout the movie by incorporating unique prop and set pieces. One of these examples arrives when the viewers is come face-to-face with an interesting pair of Adidas sneakers.

The shoe is a clean version of classic silhouettes like the Samba and Stan Smith, and is armed with bright yellow laces and blue striping. For the longest time, and aside from a few hand-made replicas, diehard fans of the movie were unable to purchase their own Zissou kicks. Thankfully, Adidas is looking to right their wrong by dropping a limited run of the movie-inspired shoes.

The Adidas Rom Zissou will be a special edition release, and so far only 100 pieces have been produced. Needless to say, it will be a bit of a mission to cop the iconic sneakers, and you may have to shell out a hefty price on the resell market. Regardless, if you fancy yourself a big enough fan, the Wes Anderson three stripes are yours for the taking.


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