Celebrate National Underwear Day On August 5th By Updating Your Drawers

Celebrate National Underwear Day by Updating Your Drawers: August 5

It seems that men have gotten a bit of a reputation over the years for never updating their underwear drawer. Rather than tossing out old pairs and updating with fresh tighties, they are said to wear their skivvies until they start to fall apart. But we don’t know those type of men over at AmongMen. Our readers seem to take more care about personal hygiene and style. Further, I am sure those same readers have contributed to the recent uptick in underwear sales. So we have put together this little reminder for the friends of readers who need a good underwear drawer edit. After all, it’s National Underwear Day on August 5th…so why not update your drawers. Tossing out your old good luck drawers may just get you more lucky in the end.

First Up: The edit
Normally this process is easy and is simply done during laundry days. It’s quite simple, check out your underwear – is the elastic stretch out? Are there holes? Discoloured? Faded? Toss ’em. Now go into your drawers. Are there pairs in there you haven’t worn in years? Do they still fit? Do you even like them anymore? This is a good time for an edit to make way for some fresh pairs.

Step Two: Shopping
Now we know some men leave all their underwear shopping to their significant other. But how is that going for you? Are they getting you pairs you like? Is the sizing comfortable? Maybe it’s time you took back some control in this department. Within the past few years there has been quite a change in the men’s underwear category.

First up, pick your style. Are you still just a briefs guy? Or are you willing to try out some trunks and boxerbriefs? Trunks and boxerbriefs are the largest segment of the market these days. Offering the look of a boxer with the support and comfort of a brief. Morever, even briefs have changed over the years – this isn’t your dad’s underwear anymore.

Second, check out the fabric tags. There are lots of great brands out there experimenting with materials like bamboo (softer and more breathable). If you want to try some out, check out Buddha Boxers for their sustainable bamboo brand of boxerbriefs and trunks. Or try out some great new bamboo modal (which feels like silk) in boxerbriefs, trunks or briefs from TBo. 

Finally, why not step outside the basics options and get some print and colour. If you want to get a little more fun with great prints you should check out Skull & Bones NYC. Moreover,  if you want to order matching prints for you and your partner, check out MeUndies Trust us, they will think its cute that you both match.

Step Three: Maintain
One of the easiest ways to maintain your new standard of underwear that you aren’t ashamed to be seen in, is to sign up for a subscription service. That’s right, there are many services out there that will ship you fresh pairs monthly or bi-monthly. Be sure to check out sites like The Underwear Expert, Underwear Nation, etc. Read our full review of theses services here.  Trust us, signing up will make your life much easier and you will get to try out new brands you may have never considered before.

Step Four: Why not update your undershirts and socks as well
Further, why not take it a step further and sign up for a service that replaces your undershirts, socks and underwear all at once. We checked out Basic Outfitters. What we loved about this site is that it offers everything from your basic socks to colour dress socks and even invisible socks for your summer shoes. Further, they offer boxers, boxerbriefs and low rise briefs in basics and great patterns. Undershirt options are a bit more limited but they cover the basics of black, blues, grey and white in crewneck and v-neck.

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