Considering Cosmetic Procedures? Factor In These Answers

Find yourself spending a little more time looking in the mirror lately? It’s normal, especially during the summer months and if you’re considering making any changes through cosmetic enhancement. We spoke with a group of esteemed doctors to get their professional insight and answers to some of your most burning cosmeceutical questions. Get ready for it…

If I have fat removed through liposuction, will it reappear elsewhere?
Technically, yes, it is possible for the fat to return, but only if you let it come back. If you can maintains your weight at least within a five to 10 pound weight gain, the fat will not return or appear somewhere else on your body. But because fat cells can accumulate in an evenly distributed manner, weight gain tends to be more noticeable in your body areas that are untreated rather than where you’ve had treatment.

After repeated Botox injections, will my facial muscles lose the ability to frown?
While one of Botox’s side effects is difficulty smiling or frowning, remember, the effects of your Botox treatment will wear off in about three to four months. Repeated use of Botox however, can cause the treated muscles to atrophy and thin out so that when they “wake” up they tend to be weaker and less likely to make wrinkle. This is why many doctors consider Botox to be a great anti-aging treatment, plus it can be administered strategically so as to not freeze the muscles completely, giving your face a more natural look. against which other implantable materials get compared. It is a safe material when used in the human body.

Will liposuction eliminate cellulite?
A bit of an older concept, patients and some doctors used to think liposuction could eliminate cellulite, but today, doctors are not recommending it for that use. In some cases, liposuction can actually make the cellulite worse by creating more dimples in the skin. While it is true that excess fat can increase the amount and appearance of cellulite, it’s not the cause. Your DNA, diet, lack of exercise, smoking and more can all contribute to cellulite. Ultrasound and laser-assisted liposuction can reduce the appearance of and amount of cellulite because it tightens the skin as it removes the fat, but they typically cannot eliminate your cellulite on their own.

Will I have to wear my hair over my ears to cover face-lift scars?
On average, face-lift scars around the ears take about six months to fade. You may want to change your hairstyle or even, grow it out a little to hide the scars during the first month of recovery purposes.

What happens if I’m not happy with my surgical results?
The first step is to be patient. Some men look great, just three weeks after a surgery, others can take three months, while some still may need a full six months to see their full results. Remind yourself, that no matter how big or how small your cosmetic surgery may be, to wait for all of the post-surgical swelling and bruising to go away before fretting over the end result. If you’re feeling anxious, speak up at your follow-up appointment with your doctor. It’s perfectly acceptable to tell your surgeon you’re feeling disappointed. A good doctor will address your concerns, walk you through the recovery process, and if necessary, talk about the next steps.

How soon after my lipo can I have sex?
After having a procedure like liposuction or a stomach or love handles reduction, you will feel soreness and experience swelling. It’s normal. So when it comes to resuming sexual activity, your personal level of comfort will play a large role in what you want to do. There’s also no shame in wanting to take a little down time. While there’s specific body structure you can damage after liposuction, your soreness or the healing process of your incisions can help guide you on how intimate you want to be, if at all. That said, as soon as you feel both physically and emotionally ready, you are safe to resume having sex. Most patients tend to takes at least a week, while those who’ve had excess fat removed from their belly, buttocks or thighs may prefer to wait at least ten days.

What is the youngest age you would consider performing a facelift?
When evaluating a patient for facelift surgery, age is only a relative consideration. That said, most facelift or necklift procedures are performed on patients between 45 to 70 years.

Is there a trendy cosmetic procedure that is a waste of money and time?
Kybella, the injectable treatment used to destroy fat cells under the chin is so expensive and requires significant social downtime. Often, better and quicker results can be achieved with neck liposuction. As well, Sculptra, the injections for buttocks augmentation still carry a bit of question mark regarding how effective the treatment really can be.

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