Success Beyond The Game: Q&A With Thiago Silva, Marco Reus And Sergio Ramos

Above (L-R):Thiago Silva, Marco Reus And Sergio Ramos
Above (L-R):Thiago Silva, Marco Reus And Sergio Ramos

As World Cup fever continues to build, we catch up with Thiago Silva, Marco Reus and Sergio Ramos, three notable notable footballers who’ve partnered with Hugo Boss for Boss Unlimited, the new limited edition fragrance.

A quick chat with Brazilian footballer Thiago Silva:

Success Beyond The Game: Thiago Silva

AmongMen: What are your greatest passions in life?
Thiago Silva: Outside of soccer, I would say my children and wife. The beautiful family I have, which gives me all the support I need to excel in my job. If you don’t have your family behind you, supporting you and giving you advice when you need it, things can get very difficult.

AM: What has your biggest success been outside of soccer?
TS: I feel proud when I look back and see what I’ve been through, without forgetting my identity and always staying humble. I think humbleness is the key to succeed and conquer your dreams.

AM: How did you prepare for your success?
TS: It is a difficult question because you never know if things will work out or not. I think that in order to succeed, you have to be well prepared.

AM: What have you learned from football?
TS: I learned a lot in this team sport, and I hope that I have evolved a lot especially when it comes to being the captain of the Paris Saint-German team today, as well as the Brazilian National Team. This makes you demand respect and give respect as well.

AM: How did you feel when you first came to the national team?
TS: There were two moments that have marked me. The first one was the first competition for the national team. You feel like you’re in another world, that one of your childhood dreams is coming true. And the second part was my first game as a national team player, which was against Portugal in Brasil. We won, if I’m not mistaken, 5-2… And that was a different type of emotion.

AM: Which has been your greatest victory so far?
TS: I think my biggest victory was… It wasn’t in the professional arena—it was in my personal life. It was overcoming a major disease, tuberculosis. I believe this has been my biggest victory so far.

AM: If you put cologne, how much do you use? Some people put it here, others there… Where do you apply it?
TS: I put it on my entire body. From my waist up—arms, neck and belly. Even my wife says I put too much cologne. I use a lot.

AM: How do you explain your personal style in clothing, in the way you dress?
TS: I think I’m a very easy-going person in that aspect, and I try to do what I feel like, not what people think I should do.

AM: As a soccer player, you have to be very healthy. There are certain things you avoid to stay healthy.
TS: Until last year, I was relaxed regarding my nutrition. I took care of myself, of course, but not in the way I’m taking care of myself this year, with the World Cup. You need to have a balanced carbohydrate diet before the games and protein during the week, so you can have the stamina you need over the weekend.

AM: It is very hard… Are there any special exercises you do every day?
TS: Working out is one of the things I try to do every day. I only try to avoid working out the day before a game, that way I feel better the next day, and can perform at my best.

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