About Face: 4 Must-Have/Must-Use Serums

Above: Aveda's Singular Note Lavender Fleurs Oil, Farmacy's Invincible Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum, Skinauthority's Beauty InfusionTurmeric & Blueberry Brightening Serum, and Aveda's Tulasara Firm Concentrate
About Face: 4 Must-Have/Must-Use Serums

No longer new news, face serums are now considered a must-apply step in attaining optimum skin care. An equal counterpart to cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your dermis their high concentration of ingredients add much-needed benefits other products can’t achieve, like intense anti-aging, brightening, firming and calming effects.

They also target specific skin deficiencies, such as the appearance of fine lines, dullness, collagen production and acne or inflammation. Plus, they absorb quickly so that you can apply your favourite lotion or cream over top to keep moisturize in and to create a barrier, locking these liquid offerings in so that they can penetrate your skin deeper, faster and more effectively.

While all serums are effective, identifying key ingredients and understanding their superhero skincare powers is key to addressing your specific needs. But don’t be fooled and think just one serum will fit your face fine. With seasonal and fluctuating temperatures, you’ll want to invest in all four.

Calming and Healing serums like Aveda Singular Note Lavender Fleurs Oil ($22 for 30 ml available at Aveda Salon and Spas across Canada), act as anti-inflammatories and include ingredients like, lavender and tea tree oils, zinc, arnica, aloe vera and goldenseal, neutralizing redness and preventing inflammatory cell damage. They can also heal your skin, calm it from sensitivities and act as an ant-bacterial.

Anti-aging and Brightening serums, like Farmacy Invincible Root Cell Anti-Aging Serum ($84 for 30, available at Sephora stores across Canada) and Skinauthority Beauty InfusionTurmeric & Blueberry Brightening Serum ($49 for 30 ml, available at Murale stores across Canada), can both contain antixodants like echinacea’s chicoric acid, turmeric, blueberry, pomegranate extract, vitamin C and grape seed extract help protect your skin against possible sun damage and fight the damaging free radicals responsible for the crow’s feet, fines lines and brown or red spots associated with aging.

Firming and Hydrating serums like Aveda Tulasara Firm Concentrate ($59 for 30 ml available at Aveda Salon and Spas across Canada), are infused with almond seed extract, safflower oleosomes, ceramides, amino acids and essential fatty acids to strengthen your skin’s barrier and build and rejuvenate cells. They also protect against dryness and fine lines by replenishing your skin’s lipids to plump and firm your face, while improving overall moisture retention.

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