About Face: Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel

Abpve: Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel
About Face: Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel

We know how you’re spending your summer: beers on the patio, outside gardening, in the pool, on the golf course and all under the sun’s hot UVA and UVB rays. Not that it’s not worth it. That said your skin could really use a break, like once a week, with a peel.

Peels are facial products specializing in the removal of the top layer of your skin to expedite new cell growth. Most are chemical-based with glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids and are offered as an in-salon service administered by a dermatologist. DIY versions like Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel however, can be applied in the comfort of your own bathroom (door open or closed; your choice) and use a softer touch by combining fruit enzymes with 10 per cent lactic acid. This deep exfoliation process is ideal for your skin’s overall health as it helps: repair damage from overexposure to the sun; clear up acne by unclogging pores; minimize fine lines caused by chlorine, dehydration and the environment; and improve your skin’s overall texture and tone. In a nutshell, it’ll keep you from morphing into George Hamilton.

The Enzymatic Peel is easy to use too: a wash your face, apply the product and wash your face, again. Just make sure to let the peel soak in for about five minutes before you remove it. The product’s inclusion of aloe vera extract will calm your skin and soothe redness, while vitamin B5, sodium hyaluronate and gluconolactone work together to hydrate and soften your skin for a smooth, youthful and radiant complexion. Slather on some night cream, hop into bed and you’re good to go until the morning, when you’ll need to put on a Blue Jays cap and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 before heading outdoors. Your skin will be more sensitive now, so due diligence is important. Just think: GH. Enough said.

Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel is $110, available at select spas across Canada and online at www.alumiermd.com.

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