Fragrance Of The Month: Azzaro Chrome Pure EDT

Above: This month? We try out the new Azzaro Chrome Pure EDT
Fragrance Of The Month: Azzaro Chrome Pure EDT

It’s safe to say the old-school adage that real men don’t emote went out of style with the insurgence of the Euro scarf, cable-knit cardigan and the man bun. The new 2.0 version of manly men demonstrates a distinct dichotomy of behaviour with their penchant for CrossFit and Guinness beer and if this season’s The Bachelorette is any indication, unabashed inhibition to cry in public and on international television.

So it’s only fitting that the crisp and vibrant scent Azzaro Chrome Pure EDT is described by its heavyweight French fashion house Clarins, as a moment of pure emotion.

Crafted in 1996 as an aromatic citrus blend, Chrome was an ode to the blue Mediterranean Sea by its Tunisian-born Sicilian designer and founder Loris Azzaro. Now, 21 years later and with multiple incarnations in between, Chrome Pure retains the original water inspiration of its predecessors, while adding an expression of love from its patriarch for his grandson Romain.

Sentimental to be sure, the eau encapsulates a sense of light and purity both in name and scent. Crisp and fresh, Pure opens with a tart citrus squeeze of bergamot and mandarin juice before easing into an ethereal watery, woody, floral blend. Warm tonka bean, smooth cedar and intimate musk complete the fragrance giving it a grounded and emotive quality—all captured in a square white flacon with a metal topper.

Azzaro Chrome Pure EDT comes in 50 ml for $72 and 100 ml for $92. It’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears and Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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