Fragrance Of The Month: Bulgari Man Wood Essence EDP

This month? We try out Bulgari Man Wood Essence EDP

If you’re single, chances are high you’ve answered the favoured, perennial dating app question: city or nature. Or possibly, your digital romance-carrot dangled alternative options like beach or mountains, concrete or park or flowers or frost to click on. Regardless, the point is that you have to choose. You must be one or the other. There is no middle ground.

Except that there is. The proof is in Bulgari’s eau de parfum Man Wood Essence.

The century-old Italian jewellery and accessories house has understood both urban instinct and Mother Nature perfectly, blending the two for decades to create their exquisite, vibrant and unique collections, inclusive of coveted fragrances. With Man Wood Essence, bright sharp citrus and earthy woods like cedar and cypress are enveloped by warm and spicy notes before being absorbed into green botanicals and herbs and an undercurrent of warm and sensual energy courtesy of benzoin resins and an ambergris accord. The resulting scent is diverse, the perfect dichotomy of aesthetics and sensibilities—the middle ground between city life and the call of nature.

Naturally, the fragrance’s bottle is as equally reflective. Inspired by Milan’s Bosco Verticale—a set of modern, residential towers punctuated with the lush greenery of more than 900 trees growing across nearly 9,000 metres of terraces—the 90-per-cent-recycled glass bottle is both sleek and chic with its juxtaposition of metal and fresh leafy-green colour.

Bulgari, Man Wood Essence EDPis $134 for 100 ml, available at Hudson Bay stores across Canada.

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