Fragrance Of The Month: GUESS Originals Type 3 Tobacco & Amberwood EDP

This month? We try out GUESS Originals Type 3 Tobacco & Amberwood EDP…

Jeans. Sex. Sexy jeans…

…are probably the first words that come to mind when asked to describe the GUESS brand. But that was back in the Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson, Anna Nicole Smith and Drew Barrymore print ad days, circa the 1980s and ’90s when everyone and no-one simultaneously blinked twice over half-clad blonde babes.

Times have changed, right down to the way the iconic brand now smells courtesy of the launch of its Originals Type 3 Tobacco & Amberwood EDP.

With a focus on redefining individuality, this contemporary gender-fluid eau de parfum defies conventional norms and embraces the versatile nature of identity by mix-mastering unexpected notes together for unique appeal.

On first spritz, smoky and sexy tobacco leaf notes swirl with juicy and fresh mandarin ones, filling the air with energy and intrigue. Next, an engaging blend of earthy tobacco blossom, warm tonka bean and heady saffron rose waft forward before being absorbed into an intimate pool of sweet vanilla and ethereal musk. The overall effect is a juxtaposition that’s both sexy and classic, present and elusive, spicy and serene. An expression that clearly has no bounds. The eau is contained in a heavy glass cylinder-shaped bottle, finished with a brushed metal, multifaceted topper and marked with a neutral-hued textural label.

GUESS Originals Type 3 Tobacco & Amberwood EDP, $90 for 100ml, available online at

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