Grooming Questions Answered: Avoiding a Shaggy ‘Do

Above: Here's what you need to know about your hair's maintenance (Photo: Jason Salmon/Shutterstock)

We’ve all heard the expression: its just hair. You’ve probably even said it to a friend in attempt to minimize the hack job they were sporting courtesy of their now ex-hairstylist, before giving them your second favourite Jays cap to put on. Fact is: we care about the way our hair looks… a lot. Here’s what you need to know about your hair’s maintenance.

The Facts

Whether you’re growing it out, maintaining the man bun or have a phobia with scissors, you have to get your hair cut regularly, says Daniel Naumovski, the co-owner of TAZ Hair Co. in Toronto. “It’s the best way to maintain your hair’s health and its overall condition.” A good hair stylist notices any hair, scalp or health issues, such as thinning, dandruff and sun or alopecia spots long before you will and can point you in the right direction with hairstyle options, specialized products and even, a recommendation to visit to a dermatologist.

The Routine

On average, you need to get a hair cut every four to five weeks to maintain a clean and fresh look, especially if you’re wearing a shorter style. “The sideburns and the hair around the ears and the nape of the neck start looking straggly right around this time frame,” says Naumovski. Growing it out? The same rule applies. Just don’t get it chopped; make sure to ask for a trim to eliminate dry ends and breakage. “While you’re trying to get to your desired length, some areas of your hair will need to be shaped to give your hair style and balance,” says Naumovski.

The Locale

At the end of the day, whether you go to a barbershop or to a hair salon all boils down to personal preference, says Naumovski. Barbershops are often a quick in-and-out experience without a pre- or post-haircut shampoo and typically, don’t require an appointment. Hair salons are a longer time commitment, as they offer a personalized service that includes a complimentary shampoo and relaxing head massage, coffee or tea, and require an appointment. “Men who prefer to have a little bit more pampering and continuity with their style and the person who’s cutting their hair, will generally book at a salon,” says Naumovski.

The Perks

When you have your hair cut regularly, you create a bond with the person wielding the scissors behind the chair. And that’s a good thing, because you become more comfortable with each other, confident in your look, the stylist will better understand your lifestyle and your needs, and chances are, they’ll do little things to make you feel and look better. “If you start styling your hair with pastes or putties, your hairstylist will know,” says Naumovski. “And then the next time you’re at the salon, they’ll make sure your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to help remove the build up these products leave on the hair shaft and scalp.”

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