Grooming Trend: Fresh Oval Soaps

Bet you didn’t know your bathroom is a barometer of your behaviour.  And no, not the frat boy version of wet towels on the floor, empty toilet paper rolls etc. This is about your every day, grown actions.

According to, 75 per cent of you don’t just read when using the facilities, you also take the opportunity to fit in some smart phone time with 63 per cent of you having taken a call, while 41 per cent have done the dialling and 10 per cent have even clicked “buy” for a little online shopping. Ironically, after all of that loo time, a third of you don’t bother to wash up afterwards.

Putting a bar of soap in the dish on your bathroom sink is easy. And when you pick the right one, like Fresh Oval Soaps in Hesperides Grapefruit, Cucumber Baie and Linden scents, there are also some perks.

Grooming Trend Fresh Oval Soaps - 2

The zesty, clean and garden fresh scents will not only smell nice when you’re lathering up they will also act as a fragrant air freshener for the entire room. The soap’s packaging is chic and sophisticated looking too, so much so that you can actually put your unopened soaps on display on your vanity. (And all of the women and men who use your guest bath will notice this and that’ll earn you major points.) Last but most important of all, the vegetable-based soaps are replete with herbal, botanical and citrus ingredients that will help clean your hands, while an infusion of moisturizing shea butter will keep them hydrated.

Fresh Oval Soaps in Hesperides Grapefruit, Cucumber Baie and Linden scents are $15 each and available online at

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