Hair Masks: What Are They And Why Should You Be Using Them

Above: Hair Masks from Moroccanoil, Kerastase and Joico
Hair Masks What Are They And Why Should You Be Using Them

You’re a regular guy: you get your hair cut, maybe even coloured, once a month. You shampoo and condition in the shower every morning. And you rub a little wax, gel or clay-based styling product through your hair before you leave the house and head to work. It’s all good grooming. But according to Daniel Naumovski, a co-owner and senior hairstylist at TAZ Hair Co. in Yorkville, Toronto, you’re missing out on an important step: the hair mask.

What is a hair mask?

Hair masks are deep conditioners for your hair.

Why you should use a hair mask?

From hydrating and shine infusing to strengthening and colour protecting, each mask provides definitive benefits and improves the health of your hair and scalp. “Regardless of the type of hair mask you use, it will put moisture and protein back into your hair,” affirms Naumovski. “Plus, if your scalp is dry or irritated the mask will provide extra nourishment.”

How do you mask?

Masks are best applied on clean, damp hair. “If you put a mask on dirty hair that may have a paste or wax, it has to penetrate the layers of product before it will even reach your hair’s cortex,” explains Naumovski.

How often should you mask?

You can ask your stylist for a professional hair mask treatment when you come into the salon or you can buy a DIY product to take home. “Depending on the condition of your hair, you can easily use a mask once a week if you need to,” says Naumovski. “And if your hair is really damaged, you can apply it every other day until your hair feels and looks healthy, again.” While each mask is unique, typically one to five minutes is the ideal timeframe to leave the mask on and let it do its magic.

AmongMen recommends:

Moroccanoil, Restorative Hair Mask is available in 500 ml for $79.50, available online at
Kerastase, Masque Densite is available in 200 ml for $61, available online at
Joico, K-Pak Intense Hydrator is available in 8.5 oz for $30, available in hair salons across Canada and online at

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