Halloween Costumes For Guys Who Hate Halloween

Above: This year why not dress up as Mad Men's high-powered, philandering ad exec Don Draper?

There are people that go all out for Halloween. We’re talking full makeup, hand sewn, built, and custom fit costumes. They pride themselves on the originality and authenticity of their costumes, and plan for Halloween all year. But not everyone has the time for or interest in doing that. It is only one night after all. If you are one of those guys who groans when your girlfriend suggests a couples costume (Adam and Eve, anyone?), and dreads the inevitable “So, what are you exactly?” questions at every event you choose to attend for the week leading up to October 31st, then these easy, low maintenance costumes are for you.

Don Draper

If you own a nice suit, and some hair gel, this one should be a no brainer. Everyone loves a good pop culture reference, and Mad Men’s Don Draper is pretty much a pop culture icon at this point. Feel free to be drinking a glass of nice whiskey, neat, all night to “stay in character”.

Salt or Pepper

If your girlfriend absolutely insists on a couples costume, meet her half way and do something super easy, like salt and pepper. All you have to do is wear a black or white t-shirt and iron on an S or P. And luckily, if she is that gung-ho about this couples costume thing, she will probably do all the work for you.

A sleepwalker

It doesn’t get much easier than wearing your pajama pants all day, throwing a robe over top, and messing up your hair (also accomplished by taking a shower and then a nap – bed head is encouraged here). This is your excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed. Morning breath would even give the costume a little extra authenticity, but we don’t recommend that.

Casual Batman

Just because you don’t want to wear the whole getup complete with fake abs, and a dramatic cape, doesn’t mean you can’t be a superhero for Halloween. Just throw on Batman’s mask, and wear a regular outfit, and you are Casual Batman.

Charlie Brown

It doesn’t get much easier than wearing a character specific T-shirt, and calling it a night. Charlie Brown’s iconic yellow T-shirt with the black zigzag is all you need. If you happen to be bald, even better!

Sports fan

Pick your favourite sports team (preferably one you already own a jersey for), add a foam finger, and maybe paint a #1 on one cheek, and you are a sports fan. And bonus: this way, checking the Sportsnet app on your phone every two minutes will be part of your character.

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